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What is paid search marketing?
It’s also called PPC, Adwords, Paid Advertising, but what is it?!

Search Engines are the go to solution for most problems. The phrase, ‘just Google it’, is synonymous with the digital age. Search engines take advantage of this by offering business search results that will always appear at the top of a search results page, for a price. This is known as AdWords Advertising, or paid search marketing.

Econsultancy, a leading research firm describes the basics in their own Paid Search Best Practice Guide:

Paid search marketing means you advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying either each time your ad is clicked (pay-per-click – PPC) or less commonly, when your ad is displayed (cost-per-impression – CPM).

Research and analysis
Relevant – Comprehensive – Flexible

An effective AdWords Advertising or PPC campaign starts with detailed research and analysis to determine the best keywords, ad groups and ad campaigns that will provide the best results. These keywords are weighed against certain criteria. Most importantly a PPC Keyword is:


Keywords need to tie into to your business offerings, but they also need to be what your prospects are searching for. Thorough research and Google AdWords provide invaluable insight into constructing a powerful, efficient campaign.


Everyone searches slightly differently, so an extensive list of primary keywords based on your ideal prospect personae is essential to being found. A detailed list of long-tail-keywords adds further value to your campaign.


It is necessary to constantly refine or expand your campaign as necessary. Adding keywords, or removing them based on analytics that determine their efficacy is key to an effective


Google AdWords Advertising and SEO

Paid Search Marketing can be linked to Search Engine Optimisation, and when combined the results are astounding. Through an effective AdWords campaign and organic rankings generated with SEO tools, your business will not only rank for paid searches, but organically as well. This translates into powerful brand awareness, improved lead generation and ultimately returns on your investment.


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